June 6, 2023

The Golden State’s insurance landscape is witnessing a tectonic shift as two major players, Allstate and State Farm, have decided to suspend the sale of new homeowner insurance policies in California. This consequential move, triggered by escalating wildfire risks, has left policyholders and insurance agents alike questioning the future trajectory of the state’s insurance market.

In the midst of this change, the California Fair Access to Insurance Requirements Plan (CA FAIR Plan) stands out as an increasingly important entity. As prominent insurers retreat, CA FAIR Plan, backed by the state, rises as a viable option for many. ClassicPlan is prepared to stand by your side as we navigate this new landscape, providing essential financing solutions for CA FAIR Plan policies.

The Changing Landscape

In a significant development for California’s insurance industry, both Allstate and State Farm have opted to halt the sale of new policies within the state. Citing the rising occurrence and severity of wildfires, these industry giants have chosen to reevaluate their commitment to the California market.

However, this shift should not be construed as a coverage crisis for homeowners and businesses. Rather, it indicates a pivot towards other avenues of coverage—alternative solutions that are often state-endorsed, such as CA FAIR Plan.

CA FAIR Plan: An Emerging Solution

CA FAIR Plan, an insurance pool sanctioned by the state, is designed to provide fundamental fire insurance to those who cannot obtain it through the traditional market. As more major insurers reconsider their stance on California due to its unique environmental risks, CA FairPlan is expected to become a go-to solution for coverage.

In this period of transition, commercial insurance agents serve as critical guides, helping clients navigate change and maintain necessary protection. ClassicPlan is committed to supporting you in this endeavor.

ClassicPlan: Navigating the Shift Together

ClassicPlan Premium Finance is poised to assist insurance agents in the evolving insurance landscape. We are proud to extend our services to finance both personal and commercial CA FAIR Plan policies, making insurance more accessible and affordable for your clients.

Why choose ClassicPlan as your partner for CA FAIR Plan premium financing? Here are some compelling reasons:

  • Ease of Process: Our financing process is designed to be as uncomplicated and user-friendly as possible.
  • Payment Flexibility: We provide an array of payment options to cater to your clients’ diverse needs.
  • Customer Service Excellence: Our dedicated team prioritizes personalized service to assist you and your clients at every stage.
  • Reliability: As a respected name in the industry, ClassicPlan is a dependable partner you can trust.

Yes, California’s insurance landscape is undergoing change, but rest assured, with ClassicPlan Premium Finance, you’re not navigating these waters alone. Together, we can face this shift head-on and continue to provide your clients with the coverage they need, despite the fluctuating market dynamics.

ClassicPlan offers a full range of flexible premium finance solutions for insurance agency producers that fit their clients’ individual situations.