About Us

Company History

In 1984, Peter Walski, Barbara Walski and Neil J. O’Shea came together to fill a void in the personal lines premium finance market. A large personal lines premium finance company shut down their operations leaving only one dominant personal lines premium finance company and no choice for independent insurance agents. Peter and Barbara Walski had backgrounds in back office accounting and custom software, Neil O’Shea had a background in insurance from the carrier/general agent perspective. Accuracy and knowledge of the insurance premium finance industry were critical factors to their success, and with their backgrounds it was a perfect match.

about us

With absolutely no idea what a premium finance contract was, they began their due diligence. They met with insurance agents, insurance companies and even other premium finance companies. When the other premium finance companies told them it would be impossible to start a premium finance company without knowledge or accounting software, the partners took it as a challenge and ClassicPlan Premium Financing was born.

With the little resources they had, Peter and Barbara converted a one room detached garage on their property in Chino Hills into ClassicPlan’s first office and data center! Who knew they had data centers in 1984. After obtaining a working capital loan from a local bank, Neil took to the streets to start earning business. Not long after, the first loan was received, stamped with a loan number and booked into the fledgling premium finance accounting system. In our corporate office, ClassicPlan still has the original stamper that stamped the first ClassicPlan loan. You can call it an antique, we call it history!

It didn’t take long for business to start coming in rapidly and ClassicPlan hired its first 2 full time employees, Betty Kaylor and Shirley Case. Soon, Peter and Barbara’s one room office became too small and the time had come for ClassicPlan to move up and out. In 1985, ClassicPlan purchased its current corporate office on Pipeline Ave in Chino, California. With room to expand, the partners began to nurture the business and watch it grow. Over the years, as our sales grew, so did our family of staff, some of whom have stayed with us for decades. We have been privileged to celebrate many 10-year, 20-year and even a few 30-year employee anniversaries!.

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In 1999, ClassicPlan began to see signs of a changing personal lines premium finance market. The partners decided it was time to embark on a transition to commercial lines premium financing. While they had gained many years of personal lines experience, the commercial lines market was a whole new learning experience. Over the past 17 years, ClassicPlan has continued to learn and grow in their desire to provide a premium finance product that instills confidence in our customers. Almost every day, we learn something new about premium financing.

Today, ClassicPlan Premium Financing is a family-owned-and-operated, multimillion dollar company. While we now operate as a mature, sizable company, our core belief of “Service First” drives the operation every day at every level. This commitment provides top tier service in the industry and a winning experience for our producers, borrowers and carriers alike. Everybody wins with ClassicPlan!

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a premium finance product that instills confidence and peace of mind for the producer and the insured.

Our Promise

Top tier service for our producers, borrowers, and carriers we work with. Flexible, creative solutions with easy to use systems and competitive rates.